Food Safety and Quality is a priority for StarSnax Foods; therefore, StarSnax Foods guarantee that its customers receive products at a consistently high-quality level.  StarSnax Foods do this through third-party quality certifications and regular factory audits.  StarSnax Foods are British Retail Consortium (BRC) certified.  This certification ensures that StarSnax Foods track, document, and evaluate our work with a professional quality management system.  This enables us to continuously develop and improve our performance for you. 

StarSnax Foods believes that Food Safety and Quality can be achieved through a simple process.  First, StarSnax Foods only sources raw materials from third-party certified suppliers, ensuring that we are getting the best possible raw materials.  After all, this is where our product starts.  Next, StarSnax Foods educates our employees about the products. StarSnax Foods completes the process by assuring that the highest quality product is obtained through frequent testing of in-process product by our internal quality assurance team.

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